Floor titles

Types of tiles: popular options and their characteristics

With options of materials, applications and seemingly endless models, the process of choosing tiles for the bathroom, bedroom or kitchen can be difficult.┬áThe guide below will help you understand what types of tiles can be used in your space depending on your needs. Types of tiles Here are the most popular types of tiles you …

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Kitchen floor

´╗┐5 durable options for the kitchen floor

The floor is the most extensive and most used feature of any home, but in general, the kitchen is the most used place, where the family spends the most time and where all kinds of ingredients are used.Therefore, it would be ideal to choose a type of floor that is both pleasing to the eye …

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Oakmead Road

5 tricks to use during a redecoration

The comfort of the home depends largely on the interior design, which reflects the lifestyle of each family. The pieces of furniture and decorative objects must be chosen carefully, be in tune with the architectural style, be useful and reflect the personality of those living in the house. Because something new is always needed to …

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