Home extension: useful ideas, methods and tips
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any times, the house we live in may end up not meeting all our needs, when we need to get more space. In such situations, many turn to a home extension project. Find out how you can turn your home into a more spacious and modern place from the rows below:

What does it mean to expand a house

In short, a home expansion project involves obtaining a more generous useful space to better serve the needs of a family. This is possible by making changes to the original building, changing the shape and increasing the usable space. However, you will need to pay attention to the condition of the initial construction before deciding on a home expansion project. In some cases, you will have to make changes to the foundation, if it is not strong enough and will not be able to support the additional weight of a possible overlay.

Methods of extending a house

There are two main ways you can expand a home. You can make a horizontal project, in which the footprint of the house is enlarged (adding new spaces or constructions on the same level) or a vertical project, with additional floors.

Extending the house horizontally

This method is a simpler and more economical solution to get extra space. The strength of the house will not be affected, as no extra weight will be added on the foundation. More precisely, the works that will have to be executed involve the extension of the foundation and the erection of new walls and resistance structures. Although the new part of the building will be connected to the old one, this way of horizontal extension involves, for the most part, the realization of a new, independent construction.

Vertical extension of the house

This type of project is preferred by many due to the efficiency of the space, although it involves much more complex works. Adding an extra floor helps to achieve a more modern look of the house. It also offers more space without having to sacrifice part of the yard’s surface.

However, you need to make sure that you can use a vertical extension. The foundation and the resistance structure of the house must be solid, in order to be able to support the addition of a new floor and, implicitly, of a heavier weight. In the case of an older house, most likely, you will need to carry out consolidation works and create a new structure, made of reinforced concrete .

The advantages of expanding a house

Although such projects require complex work that can lead to significant costs, they come with some clear advantages. That is why it is worth considering expanding the house in favor of other more drastic methods.

You quickly gain more space

If your home has become too small for your needs, but you still do not want to buy a new building, the extension is the perfect answer. This way, you can get the extra space you need and have the freedom to organize everything according to your own plans. This process is also much faster. Depending on the difficulty of the project, the construction of a new body of the house can be done in a short time, compared to raising a building from scratch or looking for the perfect house, which has already been built.

Comfort and economy

Indeed, the extension of the house is not necessarily an investment with a very low price. However, compared to building a new house or buying an already built one, this option is much more advantageous. In addition, you can keep the comfort of your old home, without having to change the space and start an entire arrangement process, to arrange it according to your wishes.

Modernization of the entire space

Another clear advantage of the extension is the fact that you can perform modernization works for the whole house. A new compartment will automatically look different from the rest of the building, so it is recommended to use the coating of the entire surface with polystyrene or other materials to obtain a uniform whole.

What documents are required for a home expansion project

As with any construction project, you will need a  special permit , issued by the town hall, to be able to expand the house. In order to receive this authorization, several documents are required.

These include the town planning certificate, the extension project plan or the title deed for the building. Also, in order to start construction, you must receive a series of permits, such as sanitation, electricity, water or gas.

Tips on home expansion

There are some essential elements to keep in mind when expanding your living space. These are very important to achieve a durable construction that complies with all safety standards.

What should the foundation look like?

As already mentioned, a vertical extension will bring an additional load on the foundation and the resistance structure of the house. Therefore, you will need to make sure that such work is possible for your home. Therefore, the foundation needs to be at least 50 centimeters long. Otherwise, the strength of the structure is compromised and you will have to do foundation strengthening work.

Home consolidation is important

Even if the foundation has the necessary dimensions, the whole building will still need to be strengthened. Such works involve strengthening the exterior walls of the house or doubling the concrete floors and the entire structure. It is also possible that some doors or windows may be modified as a result of adding new space, so you will need to make sure that the new access paths created in the old walls do not affect its structure.

Space repartitioning will be required

When adding new rooms, the old space will suffer a little. Most likely, you will have to plan a small reorganization to evenly incorporate the new compartments . In the case of vertical expansion, the changes can be even greater, as an internal ladder will be needed.

Home extension ideas

Here are the most popular ideas you can use if you want more space. These are modern solutions, with unique designs, for which you can use revolutionary materials.

A glass enclosed terrace

This idea is perfect for a comfortable space to relax. The glass offers, first of all, a modern air to the whole house and also contributes to the creation of an intimate and welcoming space. Thus, you can transform a terrace into a small living room that you can enjoy regardless of the season.

An office in the attic

Attics are probably the most popular way to expand a house. By arranging a space in the attic, you get a bright and intimate place, where you can take refuge and become creative. Arranging an office or studio in such a space is a bohemian and practical solution, to add a new room to the home.

A summer kitchen adjacent to the house

Most of the time, cooking becomes much more pleasant if it takes place in an airy and clean space. By building a separate kitchen, away from home, you make sure that you avoid the spread of odors and get more space to carry out any kind of activities in a comfortable way.

A home extension project requires a lot of resources and complex work, but it gives you the opportunity to raise your home to another level. If you feel that the available space is no longer enough, but you do not want to move, the extension of the house is the perfect solution to get more comfort.

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