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Successfully loft conversions – things you need to know

If your interest is to find out how to successfully tackle a loft conversion, then you have to continue reading this article. If you have a plan like this, there are things you need to know about costs, design considerations, planning and building regulations also. The whole idea is to gain space in your house …

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Mistakes to avoid while renovating your home

People renovate their homes for one reason or the other. It may be personal or commercial say for example selling the house. Whatever the reason may be, it is important to get the whole thing right so as to avoid a mess. There are some common mistakes that people do while trying to renovate their …

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How to arrange your home

How to arrange your home: Inspirational tips at your fingertips

Home design is a process that requires good planning and a lot of time invested. If you have decided to redecorate your house or it is a project that you start from scratch, here are some tips that will help you get through the whole experience more easily. Arrange according to your lifestyle If you enjoy …

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Types of tiles: popular options and their characteristics

With options of materials, applications and seemingly endless models, the process of choosing tiles for the bathroom, bedroom or kitchen can be difficult. The guide below will help you understand what types of tiles can be used in your space depending on your needs. Types of tiles Here are the most popular types of tiles you …

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How to create the impression of more light in your home

Your home is built and divided in rooms as you wish, but would you like to enjoy more light in the living room or bedroom? Well, even for a dark house there are simple solutions that turn it into a much more welcoming one. Light is very important for amplifying the space visually, for relaxation, …

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Home office

Home office ideas for you – with love, from us

These days, more than ever, most of those working from their home office feel the need to make a scenery change. To meet them, we come up with brilliant ideas that will delight you. Are you among those in an extended period of home working? In this case, we invite you to discover our home …

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How to find the best architects in Hertfordshire?

Generally, the biggest investment in life is the house. It is the place where we live our dreams, where we create memories. During time several renovations may be necessary. Everybody interest in this regard should be getting the things right from the first time – in order to eliminate different unnecessary risks. Spending money sparingly …

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House transformations you can opt for in 2020 and stay on a budget

If you think about renovation, but you know you cannot afford a very expensive transformation, then you should take into consideration the services provided by experts which can fit your possibilities.  Replacements or repairs, partial or total changes to a room, adaptations, the modernization of a space – with proper management, can be materialized and …

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Kitchen design ideas you should take into consideration

Nowadays a kitchen knows many other ways to be used than the original one. Most of us lead a much less formal life, so the meals are also more informal now. How does the idea of incorporating the dining area in the kitchen? Brilliant for many of us! The place where people use to spend …

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