5 tricks to use during a redecoration
February 22, 2021 0

The comfort of the home depends largely on the interior design, which reflects the lifestyle of each family. The pieces of furniture and decorative objects must be chosen carefully, be in tune with the architectural style, be useful and reflect the personality of those living in the house.

Because something new is always needed to liven up the atmosphere and prevent monotony, decor changes are common in any home. Here are some tricks to use during a redecoration to make the result live up to expectations:

1. Combine pieces of furniture from different styles

To redecorate the rooms in the house, especially the living room, combine pieces of furniture that are different styles. This way you get an interesting and original overview, which denotes refinement and good taste.

Choose meaningful pieces that mark certain areas of the room, for example a vintage armchair by the window delimits the place to read or a cubist-style coffee table fits well in a classic room, because it is the point of interest and transmits the fact that in that place the world gathers for a glass of brandy and a pleasant conversation.

2. Make the most of your creativity

Redecorating means reinventing, so now is the time to make the most of your creativity. The steampunk style is in vogue, so do not hesitate to introduce as decorative elements various industrial elements, rubber plates, pipes, raw materials such as metal, wood or raw leather.

This style is suitable for floors and ceilings, but is also used in furnishing rooms, hallways and niches that you want to differentiate in the overall picture.

Apply the ideas you like and let your imagination be your interior designer, in order to achieve an original and attractive redecoration.

3. Combine several types of light

Use several types of lights for each room: ambient light, which covers the entire room, and light dedicated to a particular activity, such as the reading area, work table, or kitchen counter.

Add accent lights, which have only a decorative role, but are important because they emphasize the objects you want to highlight. Choose colorful spots and discreet sconces, which you can mount behind the furniture and next to the mirrors, for an extra effect.

4. Choose warm colors

Use colors intelligently to redecorate the house in warm tones, which ensure a feeling of calm and contribute to a comfortable atmosphere. Give up strong tones and glossy colors in favor of more faded shades that do not tire the eyes.

Create visual games in a color range of up to 3 colors: a basic color to use for walls, curtains and large furniture, a complementary color for armchairs and carpets, plus an accent color for various decorations, such as vases, pillows, blankets or flower pots.

5. Place decorative plants in original supports

Any room comes to life when you bring a plant, especially if they are exotic varieties and have interesting flowers or unusual leaves. In order to highlight various decorative plants, place them in original supports, which will surprise and amuse those who cross your threshold.

You can opt for copper vessels, hat boxes, small pieces of furniture, musical instruments or many other objects, as your imagination tells you. You do not have to change the plants every time you redecorate, it is enough to find a new place and an original support, and each flower pot will be a unique decorative object.

As you can see, it’s simple and fun to change the look of your living room if you apply these redecoration tricks. Use your creativity, let your imagination help you and don’t forget that your personality must be found in every corner of the house.

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