Decking and pergolas

Decking and pergolas

Creating a decked area and/or pergola can extend your living space into the garden during the summer months, and provide a place for storage and plants during the winter.

At Robert’s 21st Century Design LTD we’ve been designing and building stunning decking areas and pergolas for our customers for many years, and have seen the difference it can make to their lives.

Barbecues, outdoor dining, gardening, homework, exercise, or a play area – decking has an amazing number of uses.

What is our mission?

Each decking area needs to be designed individually for the space available, so that it makes the most of the property’s features and provides the best use of space, so we’ll always visit your property to assess the space and discuss the options with you in detail before recommending a design. It’s also important to consider the soil conditions, any existing structures or plant life, and the aspect in the design.

We work with you to create a bespoke solution that’s both cost effective and makes the most of your outdoor space. We can provide all the materials and finishes, and can add extras such as a barbeque if required. Just ask and we’ll give you our best expert advice and a no-obligation quote.

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