The most common design mistakes in interior design and how to avoid them
July 23, 2021 0

Interior design is a complex activity, as interesting and ingenious as it is challenging and expensive. There are, however, methods by which you can minimize stress and excessive consumption of resources, so that you get the best result in the desired terms. Every detail related to the lifestyle, location, materials available is important and it is necessary to analyze all the options for their realization. 

If you have been interested in this topic for some time or are just looking for new ideas, the lines below will help you form a realistic image and avoid the pitfalls – sometimes inherent – in such projects.

Lack of a realistic plan and budget

The biggest mistake in trying to achieve an interior design is the lack of a plan based on realistic documentation and an adequate budget. A good plan should start with simple answers to a few questions: 

  • What is the destination of the targeted room / area? 
  • Could it be multifunctional or are there limiting circumstances? 
  • Can existing furniture be used or refurbished?

Lack of experience in the field invariably limits creativity, so a few ideas for arranging the living room or integrating the kitchen into an open-space concept are always more than welcome. Currently, the Internet abounds in information and documentation on this subject.

Ignoring light sources

Light is important in any interior design project, a quality source with the gift of turning a welcoming space into the most desirable place in the house – incredible, isn’t it? Therefore, specialists will always consider how natural light enters the room and how its input can be extended or limited to highlight the specifics of the area to be arranged.

Where the amount of natural light cannot be increased by expanding the glazed surface, the best solution is to install discrete sources of artificial light, preferably LED, which offers a wider possibility of controlling the intensity and color of light. 

To limit the negative effects of lack of light sources, it is recommended to consider the creative combination of natural light with an architectural artificial source. You can opt, for example, for a lighting system discreetly mounted in architectural elements or in mobile structures such as drawers. Alternatively, you have the option of using decorative light, using chandeliers, wall or floor lamps designed to highlight certain spaces or objects. 

Wrong choice of furniture / accessories

One of the most common mistakes in interior design is the unfortunate combination of furniture and accessories, regardless of the proportions and the overall image created through them. The secret behind a pleasantly proportioned room lies in the harmonious combination of objects that have generous dimensions with small pieces of furniture or accessories designed to create a balanced game of sizes and shapes. 

In this context, nuances are at least as important as proportions. Their choice must be made according to the color of the doors and the floor, but also the light that highlights certain shades. Accessories such as carpets, paintings or even mirrors can happily complement the interior design, if they match in terms of color and size with other objects. 

Exhibition of art objects

Finding art objects that integrate seamlessly into a room’s design is only half the difficult task of any homeowner. Positioning a painting too high on the wall or a statuette in a traffic area are common mistakes that spoil harmony and style. It is good to remember that art objects can be excellently valued even if they are positioned discreetly – for example, by using a set of decorative lights. 

Currently, we benefit from many sources of information, and the first of these is the online environment, where you can easily see both good ideas and the mistakes of some owners who display their mistakes. What they do not understand is that a successful interior design needs both taste and especially an experienced eye: not every object that looks good in a showroom will integrate perfectly in your own home. So, when aiming for a large renovation or landscaping project, take the advice of specialists about light, room size, wall color and flooring, etc., so that you enjoy the success of an attractive result. 

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