How to arrange your home: Inspirational tips at your fingertips
May 17, 2021 0

Home design is a process that requires good planning and a lot of time invested. If you have decided to redecorate your house or it is a project that you start from scratch, here are some tips that will help you get through the whole experience more easily.

Arrange according to your lifestyle

If you enjoy spending time with your family, focus on common areas and when you use them. The living room and dining area should be generous and in the center of your attention. It populates the space with furniture in large sizes and as varied as possible, for all members’ tastes.

If you have pets, choose durable furniture to protect them from accidents. Also, try to have a few decorations, because animals, full of energy, could break your statuettes or other dear objects. Moreover, if you like clothes and you are always fashionable, build a large dressing room for all clothes and accessories.

There are solutions if you like to be always surrounded by friends. Choose from the multitude of sofa beds models and relax, at the end of the week, with a board game or your favorite series.

If you have a hobby, give it the space it needs. Whether it’s a large library or a generous space for yoga, gymnastics, a gaming office or a painting workshop, don’t forget to allocate this space from the beginning of the project.

Choose your colors carefully

While many interiors are chromatically boring, others can be far too crowded. Saturated colors are always the ones that make the difference and attract attention, so use them only for important areas. For example, put colorful pillows on the couch and you will draw attention to the seating area. Or, frame the family photos with colored frames.

Adjust storage space as needed

One topic that is often overlooked is storage space. Place as many shelves and cabinets as possible, because you will need storage space. Plus, if you don’t have a closet, your home will always look tidy, without many things left, randomly, around the house.

Plants and lighting

Plants also play an important role in the decoration of a house. A plant, no matter how small, will enliven the room and help oxygenate it. If you want their care not to take long, choose succulent plants. 

As for the light, try to avoid the central lighting fixtures, but choose the perimeter light, very comfortable for the eye and with light accents where you need: dining area, kitchen counter, desk, etc.

Take advantage of technology 

Appliances must be integrated into the decor. Beware of allocating them a random space, because they will look like you just left them where they came from. Plus, get rid of clutter you don’t need. Many of the devices can be connected with Bluetooth but also with other wireless technologies.

Think about the harmony of the house

Whether it is furniture, decorative or kitchen utensils, a harmonious arrangement must take into account each element. For example, if you do not choose models inspired by bath towels, your effort could be minimized. The same goes for cooking utensils in the kitchen.

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