Trends in house design: industrial style
May 3, 2021 0

Environmental awareness, as well as trends in renovation and recycling have spread to interior design, so now we are witnessing the industrial inspirations that allow the transformation of lofts.

Environmental awareness, as well as trends in renovation and recycling have spread to interior design, so now we are witnessing industrial inspirations that allow the transformation of lofts, warehouses and old buildings into authentic and modern living areas.
So, if you have ever been worried that your home is too old and has unfinished walls, say goodbye to these worries. Why? Because the industrial style is fashionable and it embraces the interiors as they are, from the production phase. Here’s how you can get such a style:

Integrate the metal

Think of heavy-duty, tough-looking factories and try to transfer a little of that atmosphere into your home.
In addition to the fact that some metal constructions will be visible in some parts of the house, you can also opt for metal door and window frames, wrought iron decor or cast iron chair furniture.
Copper and nickel elements are acceptable, but if you have two-story houses, it would be perfect to install a truly industrial metal ladder.

Do not throw away rustic wood

If you want your home to reflect the impressive industrial past, keep the rustic works and wooden objects; there is no need to repair anything. In fact, scratches, peeling parts and rusty areas are welcome, regardless of whether they are found on furniture, floors or ceilings.

Stone and wood floors

The industrial style is not only for interiors, in fact, if you want your home to look really authentic, it is recommended that the exterior also has industrial elements. You can start by cladding the exterior walls, where the combination of stone and wood is excellent for creating a modern but industrially inspired facade. Both wood and stone emit raw energy and this is exactly what industrial design is all about.

Add a mechanical touch

Even the word “industrial” is associated with heavy machinery, mechanical and old manufacturing equipment. Everything from exposed clock mechanisms, metal sewing machines, rusty metal boxes, light bulbs, to metal pipes can bring an industrial vibe to your living space.

Urban style elements

Brick walls and vintage wood floors should be predominant elements, but you can also customize by adding some effective urban details.
It can be a bold mural placed on a brick wall, graffiti artwork or anything else that reflects the urban atmosphere.

Furniture in industrial style

The industrial design can look great if combined with extremely contemporary pieces of furniture.

Add a simple iron canopy to the bed, choose the metallic shades for the chandeliers or mount the table with wrought iron legs. Leather upholstery looks good on rusty wood surfaces, but if you want the easiest way to recondition your furniture, simply paint it in shades of gray, dark brown and white.

As you can see, old things are not always meant to be thrown away, especially as industrial trends will continue to glorify raw, rusty and harsh details.

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