How to effectively insulate and optimize your loft
April 1, 2021 0

The loft is an important area of ​​the house in many ways. First of all, it is that space that, correctly insulated, helps to make the house more efficient. Secondly, well arranged, it offers an extra useful space that can be used in different ways, depending on the needs of the family. We will discuss later how, in this article, how the space in the loft can be optimized, in this article, before we show you the optimal solutions for the thermal insulation of the loft.

What are the materials that ensure perfect thermal insulation

The most used and most efficient solutions for the thermal insulation of the lofts are mineral wool, expanded polystyrene, cellulose fibers, polyurethane foam and sheep wool.
Yes, sheep’s wool! The choice of the right materials must be made with great care depending on the thermal properties, ease of installation, fire resistance, the final appearance offered, but also depending on the costs.

The most energy efficient continues to be mineral basalt wool, it is also very easy to install. The high-performance physico-chemical properties are exceptional, which is why it is recommended in the sound and thermal insulation of lofts.

Expanded polystyrene is another material with special properties, used for thermal insulation of lofts. It is the cheapest solution, and also the most used by builders in our country. Another advantage of expanded polystyrene is that it does not load the resistance structure of the house.

Cellulose fiber is another efficient thermal and sound insulation solution suitable for lofts, regardless of their size. The raw material used is organic in nature, non-polluting and retains its characteristics over time. This material can be used successfully especially in narrow spaces of lofts.

Like mineral basalt wool, polyurethane foam is also very popular, due to its special characteristics and the comfort it offers during installation. What it offers in addition to the mentioned materials is the resistance to aggressive environments. This material offers an extra stability to the construction, without overloading the structure.

Natural wool is an ecological solution that has attracted more and more attention from builders, due to its special characteristics and the ease with which it can be handled and used. The results of thermal insulation with natural wool seem to be the optimal, inexpensive, environmentally friendly solution. This material like cellulose fiber is treated with special solutions against fungi, pests and other types of microorganisms.

Ideas for optimizing the loft space

Arranging a small loft can be the perfect solution for gaining space. In order to benefit from an extra comfort, the loft must be decorated in light colors. So the walls can be painted in pastel, restful colors, which gives well-being. Straight and simple lines are also recommended for small spaces. In the case of lofts with generous dimensions, both light colors and strong shades are suitable. In such situations, warm, heat-emitting materials such as solid wood can be used.

The living room in the loft. This space can be transformed into a welcoming living room, in the case of small spaces it is recommended to introduce elements that create the feeling of depth such as large mirrors. Furniture bodies must be adapted to the size of the room, a trick to get a feeling of space is the introduction of suspended bodies.

Loft bedroom is an ideal solution for teenagers, children and young people. The classic bed can be replaced with a sofa bed, thus creating more space. The niches can be used as a dressing room, and the remaining available space can be decorated in dynamic colors. For extra warmth, it is recommended to introduce wood essences to make the finishes.

The loft, playground for children. Many families prefer to turn the loft into a play and relaxation space for children. In this situation, it is recommended to use light, friendly colors and minimalist furniture bodies, which allow the storage of toys. To bring the life of a room, in the loft-playground can be introduced introduced accessories in strong, vibrant shades.

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