Tips for decorating your living room
March 23, 2021 0

One of the most used rooms in a house or apartment, or rather, the room where we want to spend as much time as possible is the living room. This space can make us enjoy people or relax. The living room is the most beloved space and that is why we must arrange it carefully.

Before we start this process we must consider a few things:

Let’s start by making a plan that shows some aspects: what we will use this place for, how much time we spend in this place, how often we eat there and how often our friends visit us.

Let’s try to make the living room, regardless of its use, warm and welcoming and we can do this by painting the walls in light colors, we must try to arrange it first of all for us and think about the hobbies we have. For example, if we like to read from our living room, there will never be a lack of a library. It is important that when we want to disconnect from work or problems we have a place of refuge where we can relax and recharge our batteries for a new day. Maybe you like flowers and then you will want a living room with many brightly colored plants that will delight your eyes and soul. Maybe you relax art, painting but a painting is too small to relax, you can easily use a unique wallpaper.

Also at the beginning, we advise you to choose a central point of the room that will stand out and that will make your living room a “different” living room. So, this point can be a fireplace, or maybe the dining area that has special furniture, or maybe the place where you spend your evenings and where you serve a tea, it can even be the curtain a central point or a wall with a different wallpaper. . This will help you create a special room, so it must be taken into account.

We must also take into account the distances at which certain objects are arranged in the living room. So, the TV will not be at a very close distance from the sofa (at least twice its diagonal) so as not to have eye problems, the coffee table will be placed at a distance of 40 cm from the sofa and the frames and paintings will be position at eye level so that no one overlooks them. We must also take into account the distances when our living room has several functions. If you eat in this room, then we must keep in mind that maybe a normal meal is not enough when we have guests, so we recommend that you use an extendable table and be careful where you position it as when a you will use to fit. These little details will make the difference.

After we have clarified very well in mind what we want from our living room and for what purpose we will use it, we can move on to the next stage: that of arrangement.

In order to be as efficient as possible, we must first choose a living room style.

Classic style

This style connects the past and the present and is suitable for people who want a luxurious living room but also very elegant. You can easily use hand-carved solid wood furniture, it will make this place a special one, or maybe some leather armchairs. This style generally adopts the colors of brown and a place for dining. If you consider that this style represents you, you can implement it and be inspired.

Modern style

This style is suitable for busy people who want both a pleasant design of this room but especially to be as functional as possible. You can adopt very light colors and functional furniture. Maybe it’s more of a place you use from time to time, especially if you’re very busy, and not a place where you spend a lot of time.

Rustic style

This style involves special furniture, with very old pieces, some reconditioned, others not, which will make your space a romantic, nostalgic place. It emphasizes the traditional values ​​of your family but also of the country where you live. You can make decorative stone walls, you can place a large and warm fur on the floor and all these elements will make the living room an intimate place. So, if you have a towel from your grandmother or an old plate, don’t throw them away, they will make your place of relaxation have, besides a very nice look, a very big emotional and sentimental load.

Electric style

The specificity of this style is the combination of several styles, several textures, colors, prints from different times. This style is perfect for energetic people, who are full of color and who like the crowds. If you have a high space (for example in the attic) this style is perfect because natural light will give you the charm you need to relax.

Minimalist style

This style fits perfectly in small spaces and promotes simplicity becoming a real art. The minimalist living room is really charming with simple but few pieces of furniture, so it will create a very airy, disciplined and tidy space. So, if you consider yourself an orderly person, and order relaxes you, we recommend that you adopt this style for your living room.

The arrangement of the living room can be done in accordance with its functionalities.

Living for family evenings. These evenings are very important and will help you get closer to your loved ones, for this you need a place to serve tea or dessert to sweeten, where to have good eye contact with everyone in the family, that a coffee table and a large sofa will help you a lot. You have to take into account the tastes of others and try to make them feel as comfortable as possible. And if you have children, you have to think of the room in such a way that they are safe and have as much play space as possible.

Living room with office space. This room must be adapted to your needs, the need for an office is normal for any person or family, but it cannot be placed anywhere. If you use the desk often, the first thing to keep in mind is the light. Try to position it in a bright area to make your work easier. Even if you put a desk in the living room, it must fit into the decor, so try to pay attention to detail and frame it nicely, the chair should not be very large, and the desk should never be missing a lamp .

In order to make the most of the relaxation and peace that the home offers us, we must pay attention not only to the physical objects in the room but also to the things that can tire us visually, and here I am referring to the colors of the walls. Try as much as possible not to choose very tiring colors that can shake you, but warm colors. The shades of lavender, green or blue can help you calm down and rest, and neutral shades will never be able to shake you and in addition they will fit very well in the design of the living room. The immaculate white on the walls with a few colorful pieces of furniture (a few decorative pillows with strong shades such as red or turquoise, or an orange chandelier, or a magenta sofa) will make a real delight in that space. But if you want to get out of print and be bolder you can use a little artifice. It’s hard to make your whole room red, it can get tiring, but you can only paint one wall and it will look very spectacular.

No matter what idea you have for your living room, we recommend that you be bold and try to make it as comfortable and restful as possible. You will gain positive energy and you will be able to help other people with your energy. There will be no fear of colors if you are a very positive person, or to eliminate pieces of furniture if you want a simplistic design.

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