2021 trends in house design
March 15, 2021 0

When it comes to our home, we will always want the best, the best quality and the trendiest. We will adopt the “once and for all” principle. This is what we want from a house, to build it once and to like it for as long as possible, but also to be as resistant as possible. It is the most heartfelt investment we make and we do not want to regret it. This year comes with many novelties, but the most important is that it comes with a much greater freedom in arrangements.

Therefore, in this article we will talk about some trends in terms of houses but also certain parts of the house, certain objects, colors, designs. We will enjoy and find out the novelties of this year or the unique ideas adopted by the architects.

In terms of construction, the owners in 2021 are starting to want some great advantages from their home:

-to be a smart house, meaning to have as much technology as possible to help you in different situations;
-to be energy efficient, so the house must provide as much energy as possible (through solar panels, for example);
-to use as many sustainable materials as possible, so they can be used in the construction of the house, even recycled materials, the materials must not be used neither more nor less;
-to be as automated as possible, because we live in the age of technology, we want to make the most of it and make it as easy as possible for us to work and live, so the house we live in, we want it to be automated;

As for this year’s trends in home design, they are diverse and very nice.

Plants – always in fashion

In general, we all want plants in our home, but most of us do not have the time to take care of them. Plants are always accessible both in terms of price and diversity. They are available to anyone and are widely used in house design. These plants can be chosen both to give a splash of color to the home, but also to take advantage of fresh air. Because time is limited this year, people opt for plants that do not require increased care, such as orchids but also for cacti or succulents, which require less watering and are very resistant.

This year’s colors

The colors you adopt in the house are very important and they seem to give you energy every time. We all experienced the feeling of joy or positivity when we changed our furniture or when we adopted a different color for our walls. This year the following colors are available:

  • grey – this is the color of the year chosen by the Pantone Institute and is found more and more often in interior design;
  • blue- the shades can be different, starting from a light blue, turquoise, to a stronger electric blue; this color is very soothing and will help you relax when you come in contact with it;
  • pink – is a color increasingly used by designers and is increasingly considered a neutral shade, it is often used in bedrooms, being a pleasant and warm color, so do not be afraid to integrate it into your environment;
  • red- even if at first sight it seems a too daring choice, this color is more and more used this year, giving color stain to your house. For example, kitchen furniture with this color may be the element you need to get out of the ordinary, so do not hesitate to use it;
  • black and white – even if they are non-colored, they will always be fashionable. They can be taken separately or together. Combined, these colors will create an effect of modernism and simplicity at the same time.

It must be metallic and as minimalist as possible, with geometric shapes, clear and elegant lines. Mirrors are also fashionable, and besides this, they are a great advantage, that of giving the impression of a larger room.

The skin is also in trend this year. If you want to choose a sofa and you do not know what material to choose, do not think and choose leather sofas, you will not fail.
Wood is also in trend when it comes to furniture. It must have a natural color. Wood is perfect for small spaces, it creates warm but also spacious rooms.

Finishes of the year

This year, marble is a great honor. It is used both to decorate entire walls and to create pieces of furniture or decorations.
This year it is recommended that the tiles are in shades of green. They can be put both in the bathroom and in the kitchen or in the hallway, giving a pleasant appearance and being a splash of color.

Another star of 2021 is concrete. Designers recommend that you be bold and do not use this material only on the kitchen countertop but also on furniture or accessories.
The textile materials used this year are natural fiber materials and velvet. So you can opt for a bedroom with lots of pink velvet or fiber accents on various objects in your living room. The flowery and woven textures are also back in trend.

Design elements

This year the circles or objects in the shape of a circle are worn. Therefore, we recommend an oversized round lamp or some paintings that have some circles on them.
Stickers and wallpapers are also in fashion. If you have a unique idea or an image that you really like, don’t hesitate to stick it on the wall and build a corner in which to feel great.
From a graphic point of view, writing is also on trend this year. Symmetry is not recommended, so your imagination has no boundaries. You can take the opportunity to create a place of motivation or a place with memories in your home. You can also place your favorite or appropriate image on the background of the text to create a whole.


Lighting fixtures and especially the light they generate, are very important to have maximum comfort in our home. This year the main material that is most sought after when it comes to lighting fixtures is brass. These bodies have clear lines and are very easy to match with other objects. It integrates into any room and adds value and style to your home. LEDs are used a lot this year and the retro style is often adopted, with simple and clear lines. Also this year, floor lamps are often found. Thus, even if we are used to the classic chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, this year brings a trend with these lamps.

We conclude by telling you that arranging a house is the thing that best highlights what we like, what kind of people we are, what kind of preferences we have and how we like to live our lives. Of course, before we start arranging the house, we have to think about how much space we have, and then start investing in accessories, washable, colors, furniture, carpets, technology and so on. We could say that the arrangement of a house this year has become much more important, the quality and technology being in the foreground.

So, a friendly house is in 2021 energy independent, with a relaxing and motivational interior and with a minimal impact on the environment.


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