How to create the impression of more light in your home
February 28, 2021 0

Your home is built and divided in rooms as you wish, but would you like to enjoy more light in the living room or bedroom? Well, even for a dark house there are simple solutions that turn it into a much more welcoming one.

Light is very important for amplifying the space visually, for relaxation, productivity and a better mood. However, it does not mean that it is necessary to replace your windows with much larger ones or to give up the walls, because you can use other interior design tricks that create the impression of more light.

Here are some ideas to help you transform your home:

Change the front door

Most people choose massive doors for their homes because they consider them strong and durable. These products are some of the main elements responsible for the light in a room, so if you use completely closed models you will only get a dark space.

Use a door configurator to choose the best option for your home, depending on your space, needs and preferences. As a rule, the front door does not allow light to flow freely, and this leads to a dark hallway or living room. Opt for a product that partially includes glass elements or that has several areas around it for light to enter the home.

Paint the walls in light colors

It is well known that white opens a room and reflects light, while dark shades absorb it. Paint the walls and ceiling of your home white if you want the rooms to look as bright as possible. If you are afraid that you could get a sterile atmosphere, then change the look of a room with a white painted ceiling and walls in colors such as ivory, beige or cream.

For a bolder decor, but just as bright, use a very light shade of mint green, especially since in addition to brightness this color helps you relax.

Use multiple luminaires

Just as important as windows, lighting fixtures can help you transform dark rooms. From chandeliers and floor lamps to sconces, spotlights, lamps and projectors, all can be used to bring more artificial light into the house. It combines different shapes and sizes, but also takes into account the architectural style when installing certain lighting fixtures to achieve the desired results.

Opt for floors in warm shades

The interior of your house will look much brighter if you choose to replace the parquet or carpets in light colors with much warmer ones. Of course, we know that it is difficult to use white carpets, but find out that other warm, vibrant colors are available, such as gray, cream and beige. In addition, if you are thinking of changing the parquet, a light gray one will radically change the atmosphere in the house.

Give up the massive curtains and drapes

If you want more light in your home, give up heavy materials and opt for some vaporous, transparent ones. Vertical blinds or opaque curtains can help you block the light when you sleep, but keep in mind that you need products that are as simple as possible, in light colors, that ventilate your rooms during the day.

Improvise with decorations

Mirrors are simple decorative elements with which you can bring a lot of light into your home. Play with optical illusions and place them on the opposite side of the windows or places where you want to get more light. For a much more intense effect, if you can, install lighting fixtures above the mirrors to provide even more light.

In rooms where these objects do not have a place, such as in the kitchen, use metal surfaces, appliances or various objects that have the same effect. Moreover, any metallic-looking decorations can be placed anywhere in the home to create a spacious, relaxing and bright atmosphere.

Lack of light is synonymous with depression and fatigue so stop thinking and try to make a difference in your home if it seems too dark. Consider the ideas presented and always enjoy a spacious and full of light space!

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