How to decorate your bathroom in a minimalist style
February 15, 2021 0

Minimalism is a style that has more and more followers who want to get rid of the useless things that surround them. More than a design option, it is even a life trend that tries to make room for what really matters, at the expense of superficial surpluses.

For a house arranged in a minimalist style, the bathroom is no exception. Here are some tips for arranging narrow bathrooms with maximum efficiency.


In a minimalist bathroom, the furniture is strictly about utility and functionality. The sink mask is sufficient to accommodate all objects and cleaning tools, while cosmetics and care products must fit in the storage space hidden behind the mirror. For towels that you stacked in a corner until yesterday, use a separate, closed body.

Quality not quantity

This is the essential principle of authentic minimalist style. Instead of many objects of dubious quality, choose fewer, but more aesthetic, more durable and implicitly more beautiful. Even from an economic point of view, the situation is balanced when you choose to invest less often, but for quality objects, than to waste money to replace weak products. In the bathroom it is applied in the choice of sanitary ware, furniture, textiles and even construction materials.

Get rid of the surplus

If we talk about the arrangement of the bathroom from 0, it is simple: only what is absolutely essential enters there. Instead, when you are in the process of renovating, the first step is to get absolutely everything out of the bathroom. Only then will you see how many useless things were there and how many you can do without problems. If you were a fan of keeping souvenirs in the hotels you visited, give up this habit! If the countertop of the sink or bathtub was full of assortments of care products, remove them! Only face soap, shampoo and body gel should remain on the edge of the sink or shower tub, preferably in a single container. Choose a single decorative object on the walls or on the floor and turn it into the protagonist of the room. This way you will have a place free of crowds and unnecessary objects lined up on the floor, on the walls or on the toilet.

Keep order and cleanliness

In a minimalist style, the arrangement is just the beginning. Maintaining order and cleanliness are the natural and essential continuation. Ventilate the space daily, clean surfaces frequently and use organizers. When you have fewer seats and items to maintain, you won’t have to ask your unexpected guests to wait a few minutes for you to retire to the bathroom and run a cleaning marathon. Think about how good you will feel in the morning, when you start your day in a clean environment, free of clutter.

When it comes to home design, minimalism means freeing the space of everything in excess: furniture, accessories, clutter. The surfaces are kept clean and tidy, the shelves support only what is absolutely necessary, and the walls are free of piled artwork. The clean and neat appearance that you find when you enter the bathroom offers you the best conditions for relaxation and invigoration. Especially in blocks of flats, the bathroom is often crammed into a few square meters, so a good place to start decorating in a minimalist style. The way you organize this space will depend on the attitude you will adopt when you leave the bathroom for the beginning of a new working day or for a well-deserved rest.

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