How to decorate a small kitchen
February 10, 2021 0

Decorating the kitchen provides an aesthetic addition to your home. A kitchen made according to your tastes, gives the room a personal and comforting feeling. Whether you are passionate about cooking or just making morning coffee, you want to be surrounded by the welcoming look of your entire home. The investments are numerous and the criteria are appropriate. If you have a small kitchen, check the following tricks to set it up in a modern style.

Choose the color contrast for the kitchen walls

White along with strong colors such as red, yellow, blue, orange, green or pink, give the room a feeling of space. Contrasting colors increase dynamism and energy in the kitchen, as well as emphasize certain sections of the room.

A modern example can be given by the walls painted white, and the distance between the kitchen countertop and the suspended furniture to be painted in one of the mentioned colors or a combination of them; an aesthetic contrast could be blue with orange.

Choose minimalist and modern furniture

A minimalist and neutral furniture will be in contrast with the shade of the room itself as well as with the lighting fixtures. This look will add volume and modernity to your kitchen.

How do you choose kitchen chairs?

The design of a small room can be matched with a range of modern, comfortable and spacious kitchen chairs that offer a strong visual impact.

An elegant and contemporary chair changes the aesthetic structure of the room, giving it a dynamic and pleasant look. Choose a color that resembles the light shades on the walls or choose the option of neutral, monochrome colors.

How do you choose the kitchen table?

It is difficult to choose a suitable table for a small kitchen because you will think that it will occupy most of the free space. There is the option of a foldable, simple and modern table that attaches to either the wall or the body of the furniture. It can only be used when needed, keeping room for the rest of the time spent in the room.

What is the best furniture option?

The best option for a small kitchen is suspended and built-in furniture. Of course, the drawers under the kitchen counter, along with a practical and minimalist sink, should not be missing. To make the space more efficient, the room should have suspended furniture to have more storage space.

Small kitchen appliances

The refrigerator should be indispensable in a kitchen. If the space is still too small for you, you can opt for either a smaller refrigerator or to place it near the kitchen, such as in the hallway or on the balcony.

The stove is also another necessity of the kitchen. If there is no room to place it next to the furniture body, it can be incorporated into a special space in the furniture or replaced with a hob or microwave.

Other kitchen devices you can use are: espresso machine, hood, kettle, food processor, electric grill, multi cooker or electric grill. All this can be stored both in the body of the kitchen furniture and in another room as long as they are not used.

Choosing the right lighting fixtures

Space in a small room is essential. Choose recessed light fixtures, modern chandeliers or ceiling spotlights. You can also opt for mobile lights, reflector type, to move the light source to the required places.

Designing a small kitchen gives people the opportunity to put their creativity to the test. A small space does not mean a space with limited resources, but it means a more pronounced space management. Depending on the size and shape of the kitchen, start from the previous list and create a modern and personalized kitchen.

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