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With every project finished, we feel more determined to excel in our field of activity. Those who benefit of our work are happy to call us premier house and kitchen extension specialist builders. It is due to the fact that we specialize in a wide variety of home extension projects in London territory. Every step of every project we accept is performed responsibly. 

When are we your best choice? We address those who want to expand their house space, to those interested to breathe new life into their own home. Home extension services are very popular nowadays, a solution for those interested in a change that does not involve the allocation of a huge budget. 

Want to make more room for you or your family?

Changing the house is a complex and complicated process. When the actual space is not enough anymore, house extensions are welcomed. Many look at it as a way to add value to their property, while others find it a proper solution to make more room for their growing family. Why Robert`s 21st Century Design for these area of expertise? Anyone can discover our extension design, which are drawn up with each client needs in mind. We are qualified in this regard and also experienced builders in home extension in London. 

Interested in bringing a home extension idea to life in a matter of weeks? 

We are the solution you are looking for. But why should anyone choose our services? 

We always price match! – in case any of our clients find a better price for the services of interest, we are willing to find a solution more convenient about it. 

Unique designs and professional planning! – each of the project we elaborate is tailored to the client every need. We have architects who make sure that is how things happen. 

Fixed prices! – we make sure you do not have any surprises in terms of prices. We are very transparent in this regard, so we always have happy clients. Excited to become one of them? 

You can anytime that a look at our projects or you can contact us for more information about house extension. 

Interested in cost effective home extension?

Extremely versatile, home extensions of any kind are relatively cost effective. In a society where most of the prices increase, we become a solution for many families. By what we do we seek to come to the aid of those that are simply priced out of the market for a new property and are looking for an alternative solution. 

No matter that we refer to a kitchen extension, a rear one, or an entire home extension, we can provide our clients – you included – with the additional space you need at the current property. 

So, for anyone that is interested in a solution that does not imply breaking a bank, our services of house extensions are at your disposal. Get in contact with our team for more information about home extensions in London. 

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