Refurbish Your House vs. Building a New House. Which Option is Better for You?
September 24, 2020 0

During our lifetime we are many times in situations where we have to take important decisions. Probably one the greatest choices we have to take is regarding our house. 

Living in a proper built house with the much loved family is for sure everyone’s goal in terms of homes. Well, sometimes life plans are not as easy as we think. Being the owner of a house can be very tricky and for sure brings some responsabilities and challenges. 

So, for the next few minutes we’re gonna discuss if refurbishing a house is better than building a new house from scratch. Grab a coffee, bring your snacks and let’s discuss it. 

How large your family is? 

First and foremost, a house is not just for you but also for your family. Having that in mind is very important to know how much space you need on a day to day basis. Is it just you and your wife? Do you have any kids or do you intend to have? If so, how many? 

You get it where this tip is going, don’t you? It’s very important to have enough room for every member of your family or even for some guests. If you already own a house with not enough space of course you can think about extensions or maybe conversions, but…and here is a crucial second point that we will discuss, how old the construction is? 

House condition and age

Ok, so you know exactly what do you want for your family, how much space you need and how your dream house should look. If you already have a house built just a decade or a couple decades ago, a refurbishment should be your choice. 

What problems can occur for houses built before 2000? Well, you may already know. Asbestos, asbestos, asbestos. There is a whole process to take care of if you intend to refurbish old houses and this involves some extra costs.

So, you have to think serious about it and decide if refurbishing is the smartest choice for your family. Another thing is that used materials can be seriously damaged by harsh UK weather, with high precipitations, humidity, mould being a very often concern. 

What else? Let’s go a bit deeper and think about something that can give you a lot of problems. Plumbing and electrical installations. It’s something that you gonna need every single day and years passing by, if it’s not in good condition, it can be very expensive to maintain or repair. 

To be honest, we consider those instalations the framework of every house, so that our focus is to make it a priority and always come with the best solutions. 

Techonology features and used materials 

Last, but not least, we live in a very different age than it was decades ago. Technology evolved exponentially, more engineering studies showed exactly what kind of materials are more efficient in terms of sustanability, environmental friendly and energy, so that choosing to build a new house nowadays can offer you more quality than ever. 

During years, we’ve been involved in all kind of projects. Some of our clients wanted to convert their space, other to extend their houses, or simply to refurbish what they have.  We managed every situation with huge attention to details, so that the final result was exactly what our clients wanted, offering a well deserved upgrade to their homes. 

On the other hand, most of our projects are now focused on building new houses. Most of the times it can be much easier for you, as a future house owner, to build everything from scratch, exactly how you need it, with the best materials and from now on you can enjoy it for long, long time. 

From our experience, financial difference between refurbishing a house and building a new one is usually around 20%, so there is no surprise that we have a winner – building a new house

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