How to Plan a House – Build Your Dream
September 24, 2020 0

Ideas, desires, dreams. All that we achieved, as human beings, comes from the power of imagination. The wish to bring alive our visions is what thrives us to explore, discover, evolve, succeed. Napoleon Hill once said: “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”

Now, take a deep breath and imagine…it is the place where your beloved ones are present everytime you come back from work. The place where memories are created with every unwraped gift during anniversaries. It is where every morning you enjoy the taste of fresh grounded coffee and the place where you feel like a king, or a queen… 

It’s more than a house, it’s a place called home! 

During the next few words you’re gonna find out why and how important is to plan your house. With more than a decade experience, our team understood that their mission is not to build just a house, but building dreams! 

So, are you ready for some tips? Let’s find out:

Have a long term vision 

Having a shelter, a house, a place called home is more than just a goal. It turns into a lifestyle. It’s the spot where you’re gonna spend most of your time. So, when you decide how it’s gonna look you better think serious about it. 

Most of the times we are undecided between choosing a flat or a house. To be honest, both of them can be a good or a bad choice. It depends on your long term plans, what kind of person you are, or simply your budget. 

Building a house is more than just a choice. It is an investment. Do you have a large family? Maybe you expect to have one. Make sure that you have plenty of space for all your needs and after you are confident in your choice follow the next step. 

Where, where, where…

Knowing what you want it’s just one step of this journey. As much as important is the place where you buy your lot. There are many reasons why this is such a crucial step – one of them is ground conditions. 

Making a long term vision practical can only be accomplished with a proper built house. Having that in mind, house foundation depends strongly to your ground conditions. Some soils can be well compacted, some of them can be very soft, the level can be very steep or uneven, even water can be found just a few metres below your digs. 

Knowing all of those details makes huge difference, that’s why we have in our team the right people to carry all necessary surveys and tests. Based on gathered data, structural engineer can implement the right adjustments on your project so that the house will have a solid foundation. 

Well, other aspect is what you want to have around you. Maybe you work nearby or maybe you want a good access for motorway. If you have some children than for sure it’s important what schools you have in your neighborhood, even how friendly and peacefully your neighbours are. 

London can have everything that you want. Just choose wisely. 

Bring your ideas on paper

Final step of planning your house is gathering all of those ideas in your plan. What your budget is? What surface you need? How many levels? Where do you want your property to be build? What type of soil it is? How about utilities?! 

We understand how important all of those answers are and this is the reason you can think at Robert’s 21st Century Design as the right team to work with. We can help you with all of those details having the right man for every type of job. 

Our architect can bring your ideas on paper, the structural engineer will make it sure it is a long term investment and our consultants can lead your toughts to environmental friendly and sustainable concepts for your home. Also, we can help you with all permissions given by local authorities, related with latest regulations. 

Did you marked all of those steps? Brilliant! It’s time to level up from having a plan to turning it into reality – For that you need the right team besides you. 

We don’t build just houses. We don’t build just homes. We Build Dreams! 

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